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Dec 9, 2013 5:00am EST
talk technology. a number of technology giants have called on president gong to have greater restrictions on government security. looking the companies for? >> what they want the government o do is curtail their electronic surveillance programs. it is eight of the biggest tech written an o have open letter to president obama and the congress. today.s in papers effectively they appear to be more specific in what they want. one thing they want is there to the authority o of the government to access online. e-mail and data we heard effectively that kind c.e.o. of t from the google saying we have been doing in terms of encryption and -- of data but we have learned the government is taking the data servers. so that undermines our effort. that is the first thing is see put on the government's ability and authority to access information in the world. >> but what we are talking about only way the n.s.a. is collecting data. page fectively what larry is talking about is the n.s. afpa. muscular that the world learned about in october here they gained access and kind of joked about it le
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am EST
technology, but the styling tells you it is a mustang. it is a lighthouse banner car rollout 25 cars in five years in our european launch that we announced a few months ago. was the first iteration of the mustang, the one that was in "goldfinger." i did ask him at the end. what is your favorite mustang? he said, i was a marketing plan manager in detroit for mustang in 1992 and he said, i have to go with the 1991-1992 mustang which was read, a red convertible with a white interior. , that was the car that made me fall in love with the mustang. >> the 65-67 shelby were nice cars as well. so, ford opening the door with the mustang. gm closing the door with chevy. >> it is incredible. talk about timing. gm announcing today, chevrolet, expandingare doing is . still will be a presence in russia. you can still buy chevy brand in europe if you want. some iconic brands will remain within europe such as the corvette. why are they removing themselves? deliveries in the first 10 months of the year down by 17%, 1.2% market share. the market share for others is 6.7%. that is the reason why they are energy
Dec 6, 2013 4:00am EST
science technology -- are we making enough of those links? are we doing enough? today we made some very exciting announcements. college -- they have imperial west and they have 41 startups over to the westfield .on -- complex in west london we're working with universities to tap into the innovation that is inside their knowledge base and inspire those guys and give them what they need. ups --upporting scale like what we have done with the future 50 and removing all the barriers for those companies that would prohibit or inhibit them from reaching our public markets in the u.k. >> the story is a fascinating one. but we are still in the foothills. signifies this report that the london economy has made a change. instead of just relying on financial services, we have another robust sector. 50 companies are proof of that -- the future 50. we will see these companies grow and evolve and this they make their home in the u.k. and potentially list year, the growth in him jobs will follow. when you first announced the future 50, you talked about the idea of separate markets. tot would allow them
Dec 10, 2013 4:00am EST
is making his statement at the google hq, trying to interact with technology as a key issue. it isrance, he said that a perfect storm. a lot of french people like to go to egypt and tunisia and there are problem issues for the company. he said the french unit will write even by 2015. this is the part of the business which lost 48 million pounds in 2012 and 60 million pounds in 2013. technology is key. it will be interesting to see what he thinks over at google hq. >> thank you very much, talking about the french problem at tui travel. we saw production data out of the french economy this morning. that might be impacted by our next story. cut almost 6000 jobs from its defense and space unit. let's get more details on what happens next from david tweed. he joins us from berlin. the origins of this restructure must lie with the failed merger with bae systems. since then, management looking very carefully at this unit. >> not that long ago, management wanted to see half of the business coming from the airbus civil aircraft business and half of the business coming from defense and sp
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4